Christian Artist Turns to His Roots of Country: Representing to the world Bart Fortenbery

Spending a large chunk of his life making Christian music and slowly but efficiently branching out to other genres, emerging artist Bart Fortenbery is extremely close to making it big in the industry.

Cherryville, North Carolina – October 9th, 2021 – Artist Bart Fortenbery is a rising musician who has some exceptional talent when it comes to playing around with unique beats and melodies. With the release of his brand new single titled “Inside” in the month of September this year, the artist is looking forward to gaining enough admiration and appreciation from people around the world.

“Inside” is Bart Fortenbery’s first official release from his upcoming musical project that is currently in the works. Working day and night in the studio, the artist is working towards the completion of his project, perfecting and polishing each track to the best of his capabilities. Along with getting released on major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world, the latest single has also been uploaded on YouTube. Uploaded on Bart’s official YouTube channel on September 18th 2021, the music video for “Inside” is basically a lyric video. It has managed to amass well over 4k views in less than a month. With all these impressive figures and unparalleled musical talent, Bart Fortenbery is bound to become one of the most well-known and loved artists of his time. The talented artist has a complete grasp over a bunch of elements and aspects of music. From songwriting to recording rich vocals in various pitches, he has got it all. Getting down to the studio and putting that sweat in passionately, he works on all his music by himself. That independence and lack of reliance on others make him stand out as an artist.

Apart from “Inside”, Bart has released a bunch of other songs as well. Making an abundance of Christian music over the years, he eventually decided to get back to his roots and started making Country music. This shift made him flexible as an artist and gave him the opportunity to expand his musical boundaries. He did not restrict himself to a single aspect of music, rather stayed open-minded to new ideas and channeled his creative side accordingly. The purpose behind the song “Inside” is being honest and transparent. The lyrics take into account the feelings of the other person and what they feel on the inside, instead of taking them for granted.

Bart Fortenbery looks forward to continuing his musical journey, making music he’s passionate about and touring the world.

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