Bart has been playing and performing for 31 years. Starting out as a drummer in a country band and pop rock band and back in 2003 was led to write and sing christian music. 

That took him on a path for the next 17 years in the christian/country christian music and ministry, traveling from church to church to venue to venue, writing many songs and recording 4 projects.   

Back in 2000 he decided to get back into his country roots, since he was raised country on a farm. Thats what he knew and lived.   

His first country release was "Inside" where the music lyric video received over 10,000 views. 

Now with his 15 song country project “Growing Up In The Country” is out he has released “Crazy Good Life” to country radio and “Sending Up A Prayer” to christian radio. 

Bart said “I am excited at the response over the project and look forward in going out and performing”. He says, "I am blessed to have been given the ability to be part of the songwriting 

community as it has taught me so much." 

As Bart continues to write and work on his cattle farm, and putting out his podcasts, he says he is just enjoying the “Crazy Good Life”  

For booking info, contact Bart at bart@bartfortenberymusic.com/



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