Do You Know Who Jesus Is!

In John 9: 28-39 the blind man who Jesus healed to see was telling of what Jesus had done, but even after hearing this, the Jewish leaders still would not believe. They said we do not know this fellow or anything about him. Even after all he had done these people still would not believe.

How many times have we seen miracles or heard of miracles happening like a child being born or someone healed from a sickness. Do we take it all for granted or do we acknowledge that Jesus is real. He is more than a name or some little child in a manager scene.
Do we look to Jesus in everything we do?

Do we pray and ask him for guidance in our decisions and life?

Do we understand completely what Jesus went through for us? To die a painful death so we can have a choice, have freedom, and have the reassurance of knowing that we can have eternal life in heaven with him.

Or are we still spiritually blind?

Jesus said; I have come into this world to give sight to those who are spiritually blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind;

You also can be made to see as Jesus asked the blind man, Do you believe in the Messiah; and the man answered, Who is he, sir, for I want to; You have seen him, Jesus said, and he is speaking to you.

Jesus is speaking to us and he wants us to see, and hear what he is saying. Get into his word, read it, pray about it, learn about the amazing stories of his days walking on this earth.

We still face many things in this life as Jesus faced. People treating us wrong, saying things about us that are not true, abuse, neglect, and so on. But, Jesus knows all those things and he will give us the strength to endure and show us how to respond in a loving manner, as he would do.

It is simple and easy to understand, just like the blind man, all you have to do is have a desire and humble heart, for Jesus is always with us. He said he will never leave us or forsake us and through his teachings we can come to know who Jesus is.